Is this you?
"I have great ideas but no follow though!"
"So many ideas, I don't know where to start!"
"Work, family -- I don't have time for creative work!"
"I can't finish things!"
"I feel completely overwhelmed!"

Coaching can help. Together we will address your creative, personal and professional challenges, and find solutions that allow room for your dreams to thrive.

I specialize in working with entrepreneurs, artists and those with ADHD tendencies to identify obstacles, and together. Together we will create ways to overcome them, and move your business, your art and life forward.

I'm the coach for you.  
My coaching practice
As an Artist Coach, I can help you pinpoint your challenges and help you develop the tools needed to prevail as an artist in any medium! 

As a Life Coach, my methodology has produced powerful results for those seeking to address creative, personal or professional challenges, and lifestyle issues such as time management and physical well-being . 

As an ADHD Coach, I am trained to understand adults with ADHD and their unique brain wiring. This enables me to effectively partner with you in creating custom strategies that utilize your strengths and imagination.

"Rahti has the rare skill of being able to hear what you are really saying. She guided me as I sorted through the many ideas I had regarding my professional life and ultimately led me to the nugget. Along the way, she helped me work through some heavy career- and life-related issues, setting me off with a clear head to enthusiastically pursue my new career. I can't thank her enough."